We are proud to present our new webpage, and invite anyone interested in becoming a member to contact us!

The Heart of America Samoyed Club was founded almost 48 years ago. It is an affiliate of the Samoyed Club of America. Through the Heart of America Samoyed Club has offered a variety of services to Samoyed fanciers in the greater Midwest area including Samoyed Shows (we will be holding our 13th Annual Samoyed Specialty in March 2019).

Those of us who have owned Samoyeds for many years, love our breed enough that we want others who will love our breed to join us, but also enough that we do want that those not suited to own Samoyeds to mistakenly becoming owners.

Heart of America Samoyed Club serves three purposes:

  1. to help educate and serve as a source of information to those seeking to purchase a Samoyed

  2. to assist those who have purchased a Samoyed and

  3. to create an activity center for Samoyed owners who wish to participate.