HOASC Wisdom Health DNA Clinic

Option 1: For those attending the Specialties

This is the exact same package that was offered at the 2019 National. The tests offered will be the Optimal Selection Kit (which includes XL-PRA) and the RD/OSD test. Wisdom Health has offered to make the RD/OSD testing option available for those participating in this batch submission package.

Once the testing is complete and results returned, Wisdom Health would then submit results directly to OFA. The price for this package would be a total of $150 ($110 discounted price for Optimal Selection Kit + $25 RD/OSD add-on + $15 OFA fee @ discounted $7.50 per test). Swabs will be provided.

No appointment needed. Set-up for swabbing Saturday and Sunday will be at the show site. For best results, please have your dog refrain from eating or drinking one hour before swabbing.

Please contact Cindy Hill at snohillsamoyeds@gmail.com with questions.

Accepted payments are cash, checks or Paypal.